Volume 1 Issue 24 – You Enter a Tavern…

Seventy-eight percent of all adventures start in a tavern (according to a statistic I just made up on the spot), but how do you bring a tavern or an inn to life?

Also in this week’s issue, Sage Advice talks about level limits (again!), we build our artifact in the Adventure Construction Set, bravely resist all innuendo while discussing the Rod of Lordly Might in the Dragon’s Hoard, and gush on about Gen Con and the new Roll for Initiative IPHONE APP!

The app will get a proper promotion on the site tonight, for now, use this link if you’d like to support Roll For Initiative by purchasing our app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/roll-for-initiative-the-1st/id382661949?mt=8


17 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 24 – You Enter a Tavern…

  1. Hey, I just found out tonight there is a vidcast of pornstars playing 1st ed! That’s pretty neat’o in my book. The show’s called “I hit it with my axe.”

  2. Yeah. I saw that promo a while ago… was waiting for it.

    Edit: Wow… some of the WORST camera shooting ever in that first episode… Sasha was nice looking..the rest… umm must be from umm err… well… not sure what. Let’s leave it at that.

  3. Another great episode. I love the creature feature theater, it would be great if you guys could do a seperate actual play podcast. This section more than any other has me desperatley wanting to get a 1st edition game in. (My group plays Pathfinder).

    One resource we used to use for Inns back in the day was the Shady Dragon Inn, it was for Basic rather than advanced but we used to mix those up anyway. Heck no one really understood the rules anyway.


  4. Doh!

    Posted my comment straight after listening to the creature feature theater so missed the comment that you are doing the actual play after Gen Con.

    Are you guys going to be bringing 1st edition to the Sagamore Ballroom, I believe Wizards has opened up their play area to all editions which is nice.

    Gen Con next year for me (long way to go from the UK but I have promised myself for years that I would go).

  5. porn and D&D at the same time will destroy my life. i cant watch that! hahaha

    im 100% in on watching a UStream RFI though!

  6. Been catching up on the podcasts over the last few months and just finished this one today. One thing I noticed during the roleplay of the Creature Feature Theater was the misuse of the Chant spell. The benefits of Chant only apply while the Cleric continues to be engaged in performing the chant. Once the cleric engages in some other activity (such as fighting or another spell), the benefits of the Chant spell no longer apply.

    1. Good point, JD. Chant is supposed to result in a cleric standing aside and chanting over his party members as they engage in their actions. It’s a great mental image.

  7. I had a recurring tavern where ever the players ended up. It was call ” The Hole in the Wall Tavern”. A halfling had a rather large portable hole with all he needed for to open a portable tavern. The halfling would just place the portable hole on a wall and would bring out a few tables and chairs and a tiki style bar. He allways had a fully stocked “cellar”.

  8. The talk about levers and repairing the Rod of Lordly Might was reminding me of The Machine of Lum the Mad.
    It looks like the porn stars are playing 3rd or 4th ed.

  9. I wonder if there is an actual play podcast which uses initiative and surprise that is closer to the DMG with rolling high being good.

  10. Great show! This episode inspired me to make an adventure where the characters start in a tavern, and through a series of mis-steps and encounters, manage to never get out of it until the very very end.

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