Tetrahedral: A New World


Salo, the lesser being of creation, had grown frustrated. She had created worlds, bot flat and round Olas, her partner god, became concerned. “My love, you have created two beautiful worlds with people who worship you for your craftsmanship. What is wrong?” he asked.

“Olas, the round and the flat have been created many times before me, there is nothing unique and nothing different,” Came Salo’s reply.

“Make a tetrahedron.” Olas saw confusion. “An object, four sided, united in all ways. It was developed by your people, the round worlders.”

“It seems your visitations with the littles have not been a waste as I had believed. I shall make this ‘tetrahedron’ world, and it shalt be called Tetrahedral.

The Sun, Seasons,  and Stars Above

Around Tetrahedral’s main body orbits a bright yellow sun. Its path leads it to illuminated three of the four sides. Both popular myth on the three light sides, and the ancient myths of the dark lands, lead to the distinction of a sun god, or goddess. In the latter case she is commonly worshiped as the last gift of the creator, as well as a traitor to the People of the Darkened.

Tetrahedral’s rotation is centered around the single point where the three lighted planes meet, and its downward perpendicular line. As a result the three lighted sides cycle through the same star patterns, and the darkland’s sky only rotates.

Season shift on Tetrahedral is cause by the sun’s tendency to not only orbit, but to move closer, and further to the fourth side overtime. It is on the edge that meets the fourth side where ice caps are located. This brings about the seasonal melting of ice, causing water levels to shift with accordingly. Hence people on Tetrahedral often call the summer, “the time of high water” and those who live in groups near the waters edge call  “relocation time”. Most coastal cities are located on cliffs.

People of the Lighted

Many cultures of people exist amongst the four sides of Tetrahedral, but a dominating culture of man has taken over on each side. This cultures have rarely mixed as Tetrahedral’s side are almost complete impossible to cross.

Ironically Tetralhedral’s most diverse side has not been named. The indigenous human population has yet to evolve its culture to the point that it has time to worry about such instances. This crutch may be credited to the ferocious wildlife in the area, or perhaps is caused by unseen beings, enjoying the  betting game on human life.

The second side is easily identifiable, as it is cluttered with countless small bodies of land, name by its people ‘Akar.’ Here, knights into battle the back of great narwhals, to protect their lords claim of the sea. Groups of island folk harvest food from large seaweed farms to feed themselves, their lords, and to stimulate their economy. Narwhal knights are not armored with metal, but the scales of water beings. One of the most feared of these being, but also the most honoring kill, is the dreaded Sh’aruk. Merfolk generally avoid contact with humans and hope their existence will soon be forgotten.

Malisburg, the side which sponsors the Thousand Year War. Soldiers of the two greatest nations march, in rank, upon each other in an seemingly eternal war. Battles consist of soldiers firing single volleys at each other’s forces with primitive and ineffective firearms. Any magic that does not heal is detested and has almost been eradicated on this side.

The People of the Darkened

A desolate wasteland fills the shadows of the fourth side. The surface is a void, pierced not often by a ray of light that is a sorcerer protectors mound. Tunnels spread far underground, where the only means of living exist. White Ore provides heat, light. Edible molds are grown in the ore light, where people make a living digging for ores. Bunkers made of stone dot the tunnels protecting the men sleeping within from savage beasts that roam everywhere.

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    1. This world is of my design, and I look forward to nursing it at least into its childhood with a seperate article covering each side.

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