Volume 3 Issue 108 – Letters to the Editor

This week the RFI crew is back with a show where the dig deep into the mailbag of holding and answer listeners questions. Everyone loves letters to the Editor, so why not send in your own comments or questions. RFISTAFF (at) Gmail (dot) Com.

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“Cast of Strange Familiars, A” – Dragon Issue 84 pg 10
“Familiars With a Special Use” – Dragon Issue 86 pg 12
“Getting Familiar” – Dragon Issue 147 pg 14
“Dragons are Wizards’ Best Friends” – Dragon Issue 146 pg 14



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  1. Hey guys, another great show! A couple things:

    Thanks very much for pointing out that online Dragon magazine repository! Great stuff!

    As for diceless RPGs…I have to say I’m disappointed in how you guys wrote it off, especially as it seems none of you ever played a diceless game! Erik Wujcik’s Amber Diceless RPG gave me and my gaming group countless hours of fun back in the day! True, it’s different style of roleplaying but it’s not as strange or “unfair” as people may think. If you ever have the chance, check out Amber and you might be surprised.

  2. P.S. With regard to the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s and D&D, I grew up in the Baptist faith and they were hard-core anti-D&D. But, I want to confirm that every single Catholic kid I knew, their families had ZERO problem with D&D! Just wanted to let you know that my experience with Catholics was the same.

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