Volume 7 Issue 197 – Classic Characters

RFI is back and this week delving in the Player’s Handbook as we talk about the in and outs of Multiclassing. From there we moved to the races in the Player’s Handbook, and we get a passionate plea from DM Chrispy on why Gnomes are bad. DM Vince pulls a magic ring out of the Treasure Chest and DM Matt takes us back to the days of Altavista and Usenet with a creature from Net Monstrous Compendium Volume 2 on this weeks Roll For Initiative.


Treasure Chest
Ring of Hardshell
Value: 1000 GP
XP: 100
This ring when worn will turn the clothes the wearer has on to the equivalent of wearing leather armor. This does not stack or add extra protection if wearing normal armor over the clothing. Once the wearer of the ring don’s actual armor or something with more protective Armor Class, the hard shell protection is canceled out. Benefit of keeping this on, should your armor rust off or be taken off because of falling in water, it will automatically turn on again to protect the wearer. Once the ring is taken off, clothes go back to normal. Should the character become naked, then their skin becomes the armor class of leather. There is no charges or activation needed.

Olik’s Archive – NetBooks https://www.acc.umu.se/~stradh/dnd/mirror/Ezra/books/olear/ADnD/NetBooks.html

Dream Assassin Warren Hack

            (based in part on The Nightmare on Elm Street)

FREQUENCY: Very rare
DIET: Omnivore
INTELLIGENCE: High (13-14)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil

ARMOR CLASS: 4 (0, in dream)
MOVE: 15
THAC0: 13
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Surprises on 1-3, see below
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Sleep gas, camouflage (75% undetectable)
MORAL: Fanatic (17-18)
XP VALUE: 3,000

The dream assassins are notorious for catching adventurers off guard at night. They generally insure that all are asleep with a gas they expel. Those who might be awake initially must save against the gas or fall asleep (-4 vs. paralyzation). The assassin then chooses who looks to be a powerful fighter-type who is asleep as its ‘victim’ and invades the ‘victims’ dreams. They fight the ‘victim’ in a nightmare wielding a wicked sword (2d4+4 damage, 3/2 attacks) while having an armor class of 0. All damage sustained in the battle counts against the ‘victims’ combined scores of intelligence and wisdom. The ‘victim’ fights as a fighter of their level wielding a club (1d6 damage). The ‘victim’ has an armor class of 10. This is modified down by one for each 3.6 points of intelligence and wisdom the ‘victim’ has. (I.e., armor class = 10 – (INT + WIS) / 3.6) rounded up. The damage the assassin takes counts against his maximum hit points.

If the assassin loses, he loses control of the ‘victim’ and the ‘victim’ wakes up with a terrible start. If the ‘victim’ loses, he/she become an extension of the assassin who will animate them to attack the party while they sleep. The animated victim will be armor class 10 wielding their favorite weapon. When the victim is wounded for 75% of their maximum hit points, they are no longer under the assassins powers. The assassin will remain 75% undetectable (camouflage) during this battle. When the assassin loses their ‘victim’, they will make one attack at the ‘victim’ to finish them off before fleeing. If cornered, they can expel sleep gas twice a night and fight with their claws.

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