EDU Podcast: Cursed Item Talk: Crystal Hypnosis Ball

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In today’s episode, I wanted to go over a cursed item and talk about ways you can use it in your campaign as an interesting plot device or story arc.

p141 of the AD&D Dungeon Master Guide:

Crystal Hypnosis Ball: This cursed item type is indistinguishable from o normal crystal ball, and it radiates magic but not evil, if detected for. Any magic-user attempting lo use it will become hypnotized, and a telepathic suggestion will be implanted in his or her mind The user of the device will believe that the desired object was viewedj but actually he or she became partially under the influence of a powerful magic-user, lich, or even some power/being from another plane, Eoch further use will bring the crystal half gazer more under the influence of the creature., either as a servant, tool, or possession object. As referee, you must decide whether to make this a gradual or sudden affair according to the surroundings and circumstances peculiar to the finding of the crystal hypnosis bail and the characters locating it.

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