EDU Podcast: Figurines of Wondrous Power

In this episode, I decided to talk about the Figurines of Wondrous Power, originally featured in the AD&D 1e DMG. I thoroughly

EDU Podcast: Let’s Call this an RFI Mini #15 – Attack of Opportunity?

In this episode I got another private message from my facebook page, from a listener named Tom B. — Tom wanted to

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #14 – Voicemail about Henchmen…

Got a voicemail from The Goblin’s Henchmen, about the Max Number of Henchmen a character can have.. is it a perm number?

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #13 – Talking Starting Gold and the Monetary system

Flipping to page 35 of the book, I go over the starting gold you get and wonder why its like that as

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #12 – Talking Secret Hit Points?

In this episode I flip to page 34 and talk about the rule Gary lists for how a DM can hide the

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #11 Email Question about percentile Attributes

 Got a facebook page message from Darin, asking about Percentile attributes for intelligence and why Gary did not use it. Its

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #10 – Talking Magical Armor Savings throws rule

10 episode in! We are rolling with these episodes! Remember every Tuesday and Thursday there will be a new mini-episode of the

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #9 – Talking about alignment changes and what happens?

In this episode, I flip to p34 in the Player’s handbook and discuss the alignment changes. What happens and how to handle

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #7 – Talking about Half Races and Racial Preferences, do you use them?

  Filling to page 8 in the book this week, I decided to take a chat and tell my experiences about using

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #5 – Email Question about Green Slimes!

  Another RFI Mini, which will come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the week. In this episode DM Glenn asked a

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #3 – Rolling HP for Multi-Class Characters

    Looking through the book, I saw a rule about rolling hit-points for multi-class characters and decided to talk about it

Announcement: So the RFI Minis are here to stay..

So I’ve done two Roll For Initiative Podcast mini episodes on my personal podcast channel located here: With Episode 1 and

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #2 – Talking Attributes

  Another episode of the RFI Podcast, just in Mini format with your wonderful host, the Podfather of the OSR Vince! This

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI is back.. Sort of? RFI Mini #1

  In this episode, I decided to bring back RFI, sort of. While the co-hosts of the show no longer as interested,