Announcement: So the RFI Minis are here to stay..

So I’ve done two Roll For Initiative Podcast mini episodes on my personal podcast channel located here:

With Episode 1 and 2 links:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Which can be found on almost any podcasting platform from Spotify to Apple podcasts thanks to Anchor podcasts.

The comments have been overwhelmingly positive (thank you) with some minor “off comments”. I wont say they are negative but more so on the side of “that’s not the same”.

As I’ve explained, I am all ya got until I decide to bring in a co-host or find one.

So enjoy what you get, I will try to drop a mini episode every couple of days with some thoughts on AD&D rules and things I find interesting.

The more folks comment, leave voicemails and ask questions, the more encouragement I have (and material) to keep moving forward.

While this may not be the RFI of old, its what we have and I think its a fine solution as I enjoy podcasting a lot.

Anyhow, leave me an email, a voice and don’t forget to “head on over to iTunes and leave me a 5 star review so I can read it on the air” – Said in my best Nick impersonation voice.



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