Let me talk to ya, YEAH! – Finding my voice

In today’s video, I just wanted to sit down and talk about the troubles I’ve had in the past, and how some

Channel Update – Just Thinking, Things need to change.

Today, I am just updating the members of this channel with things going on with the channel, what I enjoy doing, and

Q: How do you handle Players with a “Cheater Die”?

I’ve had this happen to me once in all the years of running games and the situation while a touchy one ended

Is Star Frontiers by TSR real? Looks like it. #OSR News.

  So today I saw a video about how TSR has nothing to show for Star Frontiers, in a video by Tabletop

TSR & Partners threatened via email, what is going on?

Last night I was given an email that Wizard Tower Games received, threatening them if they continued their partnership with TSR Hobbies

Highlighting the positive of the OSR!

This past Friday on my YouTube channel we had our weekly live stream, of Unscripted Evil at 755pm Eastern Time, and as

Clarifications Press Release with TSR, about TSR Con dates?

https://youtu.be/c2LUOMMxrf0 So last night, various people reached out to me via facebook with some news & rumors. These folks were concerned about

Encounter Balance & fairness for older D&D editions? HA! Nope!

After seeing the whole, “there is encounter balance and fairness in older editions of D&D” argument pop back up, I decided to

Railguns & Dragons – Mutant Characters

Flipping to p109 in the basic revised book, we look at the different types of mutants and take a closer look at

Railguns & Dragons is back! Talking Magical Characters!

Yep, my wonder series on Palladium games continues and I pick up, right where I left off with Heroes Unlimited Basic, Magic

Savage Worlds (SWADE) Rules Part 1 – Terms & Stuff video

  Turning to P87 today we will start talking about the rules and things that are important to know before we jump

Savage Worlds (SWADE) Races & Custom Race Video

Today on the channel, a new video is ready to go. Decided to talk about the races in the core SWADE book,

Star Trek Reliant Episode 3 (video play!)

New video on the channel is our Star Trek Last Unicorn Games roleplaying game for Rollhighordie.com. We are playing in the Original

The World of Arkonis Episode 42 – Season 2 ends here…