TSR & Partners threatened via email, what is going on?

Last night I was given an email that Wizard Tower Games received, threatening them if they continued their partnership with TSR Hobbies and the email looks like this:


This is the same email that Wizard Tower Games released on their Facebook page as well. I was brought into the loop of all this because the email mentions me and my credibility. Accusing me of being a corporate shill so to speak, but the person writing the email, used “paid thing” — Guess shill isn’t in their new “skool” vocabulary.

Anyhow, I was angered by this at first, because I received zero dollars from TSR and I did my interview to get to the bottom of various questions that had been floating around the hobby. After a few moments of thinking about it, I started to laugh at how stupid this email was and how they have zero clue about my interactions with TSR.

I reached out to TSR about this and we talked about it, I said I was going to do a video about this and I asked Michael K Hovermale, if he’d like to sit in and be subjected to my questioning about this email. Which he agreed to do.

I also spoke to Wizard Tower Games in length last night as well to see what their thoughts on this whole issue was, in which they responded with a public statement:

Don, the principle project manager, is whom I spoke with, and he said if anything, this email had pushed him to make his partnership with TSR stronger and he would not back away from any type of cyber-bullying. In which this was, this was bullying as they said they would ruin his business via stupid twitter.

The part that worried me, as well as TSR was the “and beyond” part. While we don’t know what that exactly means and it could mean absolutely nothing, the FBI found it interesting, interesting enough to log a case and look into it. Now I am sure that’s standard with the FBI when something like this happens? I don’t know, I don’t deal with the FBI, like ever.

Finally, to wrap this up, here is the video I did last night going over it all in detail as well as the official stance/response from TSR.

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