Highlighting the positive of the OSR!

This past Friday on my YouTube channel we had our weekly live stream, of Unscripted Evil at 755pm Eastern Time, and as usual we had a wonderful show, loads of people there interacting with us, laughs all around.

This show, I decided, would spend most of its time highlighting things in the OSR that had a respect behind them as well as wonderful layout and design, instead of just spending two hours bitching and complaining about things, which other tend to do (as well as us!).

Check out the video, listen in as we talk about OSR News, our weekly games and then jump into all the wonderful books in the OSR.

Here is a list (in no order)

  • Adventurer Conqueror King
  • ASSH Player’s Manual
  • Beyond the Wall & Other Adventures
  • Blood & Treasure
  • Crypt & Things
  • Hero’s Journey & White Star
  • Labyrinth Lord
  • Mutant Future
  • Stars with out numbers
  • S&W Complete

There were others mentioned in there and shown as my co-host Bluddworth brought out his own collection.

Overall I thought it was a great and positive vibe show! Here is the video link


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