Palladium Megaverse Podcast – Fantasy 1e – Episode 6

In this very episode we pick up where we left off, the group licks their wounds after the fight with the skeletons. The group travels into the room and found the high Priest of this temple, who’s body seemed strange. The group then traveled around the temple, and found a mysterious mirror, with strange wording on it. In which Nova got annoyed and smashed the mirror, annoying the group, but as the group argued over what the mirror could be, Nova impatiently moves forward down a hall way and finds a secret door, which opens up to a room full of mirrors and he appears to have his soul sucked out. What happens next? Listen in and find out!
Cast of Heroes

* Steven playing – Seran
* Geoff playing – Lord Lee
* Corey playing – Nova
* Jakob playing – Shep
* David playing – Old Gnomey
* Rick playing – Lord Torvald
* Vince is the Game Master

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