Clarifications Press Release with TSR, about TSR Con dates?

So last night, various people reached out to me via facebook with some news & rumors. These folks were concerned about a facebook posting that TSR had put up, changing their TSRCon dates from July to March. They were also kind of bothered by some other rumors about how Justin LaNasa was trying to use Garycon to piggyback off of and possible financial gain in the outcome.

I immediately reached out to TSR’s CCO Micheal K. Hovermale and discussed the situation with him, which lead to a quick video, for a Press Release to clear up why the Convention was moved, and these rumors certain folks were throwing around.

I later found out that most of this news people had sent me came from Erik Tenkar’s blog, who was just reporting the news as he saw it, though not sure where he got the speculated rumors he talks about in his blog, as I point blank asked these rumors to Michael, who answered them with ease.

I see no issue with TSR moving their Convention to the same weekend as Garycon to help celebrate the life of Gary Gygax. Have spare time, stop by the Dungeon Hobby Shop, and see where it all started. Maybe play in a game or two.

I even see that TSR has offered free Shuttle service to any of the talent at GaryCon to the DHS, should they want to come over and visit/run/play a game. Here is a screenshot of it, if you click on it, it will bring you directly to the statement on their discord.

So there you have it. Let me know what you think?


Evil out!

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