Palladium Megaverse Podcast – Fantasy 1e – Episode 5

Inside the heart of the temple, the group continues where they left off, right at the mirror/chalice room. After looking around a bit they decide to check on the wards protecting the cart, to see if anything has happened to them. Once they confirmed everything was okay, they go back down into the temple, and explore the rest. The group finds some more treasure, a weird dagger, a mirror, what does this mirror do? What can it do? Listen in and find out! Part 3 of the temple continues now!
Cast of Heroes

* Steven playing – Seran
* Geoff playing – Lord Lee
* Corey playing – Nova
* Jakob playing – Shep
* David playing – Old Gnomey
* Rick playing – Lord Torvald
* Vince is the Game Master

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