Palladium Megaverse Podcast – Fantasy 1e – Episode 4

In this episode the group finds a secret door behind a painting and decides to follow this new path, as they travel around this temple. The path turns them around a bit as they find their way again. The group discovers a room with some protection symbols on the floor along with a puzzle. The reward a key, to where this key goes, the group is unsure about it, but will they solve this puzzle and what does it all mean? are there active cult members still here? or they all dead? Listen in and find out! Part 2 of the temple continues now!
Cast of Heroes

* Steven playing – Seran
* Geoff playing – Lord Lee
* Corey playing – Nova
* Jakob playing – Shep
* David playing – Old Gnomey
* Rick playing – Lord Torvald
* Vince is the Game Master

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