Savage Worlds (SWADE) Rules Part 1 – Terms & Stuff video


Turning to P87 today we will start talking about the rules and things that are important to know before we jump into combat and I decided to do it this way because I wanted to get some terminology out of the way.

I felt this was necessary before going further as these were terms I was mentioning over and over and not really explaining them.

Instead of jamming it into one large video with combat, I broke it out and into its own video. Figured it was a good idea, hopefully you enjoy it and pick up something.

Savage Worlds is a rather simple and easy to learn system that adds just enough crunch to scratch that itch, but also leaves room for hand waives by a GM.

I am enjoying re-learning it from a GM perspective. Like I said, I’ve always played in games and never run it and I figured it was time.



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