Black Pudding #2, sneak peek!

This week on the Old School Blues podcast, we will be taking a look at Black Pudding #2, by +James V West and so far, its F’ing AWESOME! I am not going to give away much here, but I can tell you about some of the ingredients in the pudding!

First things first, Wow James did a bang up super job, its well written and the art is PERFECT in my opinion. This is perfect for any OSR Fantasy era game or your favorite edition of old school D&D, with a little work you could easily convert this to 5e!
My favorite thing so far is the hand drawn character sheets, I love that homegrown character sheet design
Maybe I can convince James to do a character sheet for Mazes & Perils RPG?

Anyhow, we got 32 pages in this PDF (counting the cover and the OGL/Legal stuff, but here is what you’ll see:

  • New classes “Keeper” , “Blind Guardian” and more!
  • Small Adventure “Mace of the Ape King”
  • a nice dungeon crawl adventure, “Vault of the Whisperer”
  • New Monsters
  • Various cool NPCs/Hirelings
  • Two hand drawn character sheets!

That’s all I am going to say, and that preview above is all you will get. Want to know more? Grab it when its released on RPGNOW very soon!

Don’t forget to check out the review we will be doing on the Old School Blues Podcast this Friday!

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