Volume 6 Issue 189 – Dragon Magazine # 91

This week RFI goes into the Wayback Machine to the Spring of 1984 as we review Dragon Magazine #91. This issue has everything you’d want to know about some of the lesser known demons, an ecology of the Leucrotta, and lots and lots of glorious ads. So join us on a most excellent nostalgia trip on this weeks Roll For Initiative.

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2 thoughts on “Volume 6 Issue 189 – Dragon Magazine # 91

  1. That self-entitled newschool snowflake who got on Vince’s case needs a serious oldschool talking to by the ghost of Gygax.

  2. I loved the episode where you went through Dragon #91. That was actually the first podcast of yours I listened to. I got started with D&D and AD&D back in around 1981 or so, as a kid, though I never really got to play much until later in college. I was on vacation in California and I saw Dragon for the first time in a bookstore – it was issue 63. I bought that and Issue 62 as well, then got a subscription starting with Issue 64. I later went back and collected earlier issues, and also filled in some later (after I foolishly let my subscription lapse) before I got fully back into gaming again around 3rd Edition. In the end, I ended up collecting every issue, so I have them all. I also have every issue of Dungeon. (So “Dungeon & Dragon” is complete.) I would love to hear more from earlier issues. I still remember the feeling I had when I saw that very first cover of Dragon 63: The Bandit NPC class therein.

    I listened to the G1-G3 podcasts as well, and enjoyed those (I have those of course – I am luckily still in possession of all of my 1st and 2nd edition materials as well as everything after). I am now starting back with the first episode. Talk about nostalgia. I really enjoyed your description of what old school gaming really is. It made me consider going back to it, after playing Pathfinder and such for years now.

    I look forward to more.

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