Volume 1 Issue 14 – Creating Your Own Adventure

This week we talk about the new weekly feature on RFIpodcast.com, +2 to Save, and the latest installment, “How to Create Your Own Adventure.”

We explore a sometimes-overlooked creature, the gnoll, how to play a thief, and the Beaker of Plentiful Potions.

00:06:04 Creating Your Own Adventure

00:28:21 Creature Feature: The Gnoll

00:48:53 Playing a Thief

01:15:23 The Beaker of Plentiful Potions

01:27:17 End Notes

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  1. DM BILL

    Good show, clear concise, less interuptions, Nick I have nothing against you and I’m glad he heeded our advice it makes for a much smoother show..It also gives you time for your thoughts and comments to come to fruition..trust me WAAYY BETTERRR!!

  2. DM BILL

    Yes Gnolls are more feral then goblins or orcs, way more animalistic they work in “wolf-like” packs, led by alpha males usually a more superior Flind…gnolls have disgusting manners sometimes eating prey alive without cooking them, eating carrion, opportunistic, vile, when they get pissed off they growl at eachother…a very different filler enemy then a goblin, hobgoblin, or orcs for sure..

  3. DM BILL

    Just a suggestion…you should always bring your dice to the show and sometimes (not always) do examples of things you talk about..like you did I liked that..thumbs up..

  4. That’s a good idea, Bill.

    I think we should do more examples of stuff. Thanks for the thought.

  5. DM Nick

    Thanks DM Bill. Don’t worry, I don’t take stuff like that personally. If it constructive criticism, it’s no prob. 🙂 Like I said before, even the wife says I ramble from time to time. Which is kinda funny, because there was this time…

    Oh wait.

    There I go again! 😉

    Anywho, glad you liked the show.

  6. DM Nick

    BTW, good idea about the dice. I’ll have mine ready next time as well.

  7. Todd Hughes

    The beaker itself has an XP value, I wouldn’t give XP for each potion it created.

  8. Koren n'Rhys

    Another great podcast, guys! Keep them coming – I pop ’em like candy every week. Thanks for the gnoll feature – I was the one who requested it on Facebook!

  9. DM Remis

    I’ve usually seen and used gnolls in combination with the other typical “evil” races such as goblinoids, orcs, ogres, etc, to essentially create an army. In fact a pretty good example of this are the two armies that appear in both Icewind Dale 2 and Baldur’s Gate 2. The majority of gnolls my not be to smart but that doesn’t mean their leaders aren’t. They have enough intelligence to act like a militant group of bandits.

  10. DM Remis

    About the back stab. I’ve always preferred the version of back stab found in the D&D rule cyclopedia. The back stab itself is actually not a literal back stab, it’s actually more of a sucker punch that does more damage not just because it’s aimed at a vital point but it’s not being defended against, it’s all about catching the target by surprise.

    I mean think about it this way… a fighter knows where to hit someone, probably better then a thief would but the fighter doesn’t get extra damage because a fighter doesn’t typically sucker punch someone. Also the thief is well aware that he/she is not a front liner and is not interested in an up front fight. So the thief is gonna do the next best thing, take someone out in one or two shots.

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