Part 2 – Moving forward with SoloRPG, set up process.

Onto part 2!

Well I have my rules ready, Mini Six and my Oracle set GME 2, I think I am ready to move forward, and now dive into Mini Six and create my character. Mini Six has a pretty decent system of creating modern day characters and I really will not need to modify much, but I will need to come up with some Perks and Complications for my character that will make sense to fit the story.As I stated in the previous posting that I wanted to do a modern day “campaign” and play a Supernatural hunter, much like Supernatural the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Grimm. I want my character to be rather new as far as hunter’s go, but with a little experience. He’s seen that there are monsters out there, he’s fought a few things, now he’s decided to dedicate his life to helping rid the world of these threats for the good of all mankind.

Yeah, that’s a good starting point.

Another thing that comes across my mind now as I am setting all this up, is do I want my character to be traveling all around the US like they did in Supernatural or handle it more like Buffy/Grimm and focus on a city?

I think personally handling things in a city would be the easiest route to start, with the whole saying, “Start by fixing up your own yard before going out and helping others fix theirs” or something like that.

Looks like a city it is!

Thinking gain, I have a custom city I created many years ago for a Superhero game, called NightFall Bay and I think its perfect for this scenario, but more on that later.

Need to focus on character creation stuff right now.

One Perk I think the game would benefit from and my character too, would be a Monster Lore Perk. Here is what I’ve come up with:

New Perk

Monster Lore (1):
Description: You have a knack for uncovering information about supernatural creatures, allowing you to better understand and prepare for encounters with them.
Benefit: This Perk unlocks the “Knowledge: Monsters” skill under Wit, which can be developed and improved as you gain more experience. This skill will enable your character to research, identify, and strategize against various supernatural creatures encountered during their monster-hunting adventures.

I think that’s a perfect perk/skill for this game, it will give my character the ability to go and research things, now since he’s brand new, on his own, and using things like the internet and occult books stores, the difficultly check levels will be higher then normal until he gains some more experience. Remember every Hunter has to start somewhere, and he does not instantly know the answer on how to kill all creatures.

Far as his four attributes

  • Might: 4D
  • Agility: 3D
  • Wit: 2D
  • Charm: 3D


  • Brawling: 5D
  • Dodge: 4D
  • Stealth: 4D
  • Pick Locks: 3D
  • Search: 3D
  • Pistol: 4D
  • Rifle: 4D
  • Knowledge (Monsters): 3D


  • Monster Lore


  • Personal Code
  • Enemies

Okay, so there we have the basic bones of the character. Next time I’ll need to flesh this all out, put a name and story to him. I gave him the complications of Personal Code, and Enemies. I will need to figure out what his code is and who is enemy would be. I like the idea that the first monster he came in contact with kicked things off when he killed it, but maybe killing that monster gained him a foe, maybe a master vampire or the monster had a lover who now wants this hunter dead beyond all means.

Tell me what you think, comments are always welcomed… until next time!

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