Part 1 – Thoughts on Solo RPG’ing, what system, what software?

Hey y’all!

I was sitting here thinking about solo roleplaying and the whole process. I like the idea of breaking out a game I’ve never actually sat down and played as my rules set, but I wanted it to be simple. Mini-Six by Antipaladin Games came to mind.Mini-Six (a d6 based system) is like the Swiss Army knife of RPGs. It’s easy to pick up, and you don’t need a PhD in rulebook-ology to get started. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want, and best of all, you can play it all by your lonesome, its also 100% FREE on Drivethru to pick up and use! Being a big fan of the Star Wars d6 system, Mini-Six is very appealing to me.

Now before you say it, I will say it first, I am not interested in running d6 Star Wars itself as I’ve played that countless times with friends over the years.

Thoughts in my head would be some sort of modern day “Supernatural/Horror” type game. Being a “Hunter” or “Investigator” might be a fun game.

Another problem with all this is that Mini-six, while easy to pick up and run, only presents a few sample settings, which means I’d have to generate my own setting for the genre I want to play in. WHILE that isn’t that big of a deal, its also another step in the process. It could be fun or it could be daunting. Time will tell.

Last few questions that come to mind is:

  1. What Oracle should I use?
  2. What software should I use to keep track of the story?

Well for question 1, its simple GME2 – Game Master Emulator 2 – its a wonderful tool that’s easy to use for replacing the GM in a game.

Far as 2, I have a few choices. My top choice is Scrivener, because solo RPG’ing is more story telling and what’s the best a software? One that handles writing scripts, novels and short stories.

My second choice would be GME plugin for Foundry VTT, as it has all the tools needed, and once I am done with my session, I can export it to a journal like format for reading/archiving.

Think I’ll leave it here as I think about things. As always comments are welcome for suggestions.

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