Volume 1 Issue 15 – In Which we are Beset by Demons

Our topics for issue 15 seem to have cast a curse on us this week. After missing a week to get to this show, we were faced with mysterious silences, stolen words, phantom sounds, and eldritch interruptions.

You’ll hear Nick sounding a little different this week, as the gremlins forced him off his mic and onto the telephone. Still, all was well in the end, and we bring you issue 15.

This week, we have:
Sage Advice – can a single blessed bolt kill a room full of rakshasas?
Money in AD&D
Playing Tips is now Table Manners – and we talk about creating a party on the fly
Creature Feature Theater – Demons and Devils
The Library – Dark Dungeons by Jack Chick

Our new logo is drawn by Hanae Ko – we love it!


10 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 15 – In Which we are Beset by Demons

  1. You guys talking about the money and saying things like short changing them, coming up with ways to take it away from them, exchange rates from different parts of the world, etc.. Come on guys if your doing that crap, its gotta be taking away from the fun of the game. That sort of DMing is just going to cause grief between you and your players. RPGs are about roleplaying, not screwing over your players like they would or do often get in the real world. You really need to worry about having fun and not giving them a hard time. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment! HAHA! I am the Evil DM, Didn’t you know? My group has tons of fun, and the DM has to have fun as well 🙂

  2. awesome stuff guys! love having an AD&D podcast around. helps get the imagination flowing for ideas. i have one suggestion: a podcast dedicated to really fleshing out the Underdark would be sweet!

  3. Hey Guys,
    love your show, totally amazing (Blackstone told us all about it on the Kenzerco forums)

    my favorite bit has to be your item on the Beholder

    I have to say though, you may not know it, but, the Beholder was invented by folks over here in the UK, Derek (who used to run my local gamestore “The Games Gallery” when I was a kid, and who wrote for “The Underworld Oracle” fanzine back in the day) says that it was they who came up with and invented the Beholder (and I believe it)

  4. Like the poll of the week..

    LARPing is silly..just watch the youtube video with guy casting a spell shouting “lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt”…you can’t help but laugh..


    I like the the rolling on the tables..and character creation..good stuff

    The episode was one of the best yet..smooth

    here’s the interviews pretaining to the negative plublicity of the game, unfortunate for the people who lost their lives, funny for the fact that a game was blamed:



  5. Another great issue!

    But you guys really need to get a copy of Dragon #93 with Frank Mentzer’s “Ay pronunseeAYEshun gyd” article for the “correct” pronunciation of things.

    Vincent and Jayson were both right with their pronunciation of Asmodeus, according to it, but just I loved hearing Jayson saying rakSHAsa over and over when correcting Nick. I’ve always mispronounced it as raKAYsha for some reason, so I could sympathize with Nick. (Strangely, the pronunciation of gnoll is not one that is included in that article…)

    Anyhow, thanks again for the food for thought!

  6. As far as the money thing goes i think that constraints on the players in the form of enforcing the original rules actually inspires and encourages creativity and role playing. For example, Tenser’s Floating Disk was probably borne from frustration with encumbrance. The same goes for many of the named spells in the books.

    My experience shows that the harder i make it on the players in terms of rules, to a point, the more inspired and unexpected their behavior becomes.

  7. Jayson pretty much hit the nail on the head when he was talking about the whole, “Money gets more important,” upkeep for home base, extended supplies, magic user costs, etc. Those were pretty much the top reasons to why I never opted for a keep with any of the classes I played. I always preferred being the traveling adventurer of legend assuming I lived that long. So naturally there are classes I never played much looking at the magic user.

  8. Copper is too heavy for its worth 200 cp = 1 GP, 10000 Cp = 50 GP and weighs 1000 pounds. Probably not even worth it for a 1st level party. They need at least 1500 gp each just to level. In my game I am going to use silver currency Silver dollar “pieces of eight” (about 1 oz. so encumbrance 1/10 to match the game) which would be worth 1 game GP, silver bit (normally a piece of a silver dollar) so weighs 1/10 of the silver dollar (worth a silver piece in the game) and worth 1/10 th and silver pennies (weigh about 1 g but I would make the encumbrance 1/10 the silver bit). That way copper pieces (silver pennies) would be change, very light and portable easy to give out to the beggars, The pc’s could have hundreds in their pockets to give to the masses. I would then make a gold piece “dubloon” a 1 oz. coin (encumbrance would be 1/10th of a pound and it would be worth 20 times the silver piece. It would be the game equivalent of a platinum piece. This is based loosely on some info I found on old money online.

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