Volume 1 Issue 35 – The Illusionist

Is this talk of the Illusionist being an unplayable class an illusion?
What’s this about an extradimensional Pokéball?
And which one of the RFI hosts needed to “Rally for Sanity” after last
weeks Cthululu discussion?
Find out on this weeks issues of Roll for Initiative.

Intro – 0:00:00.000
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Sage Advice 17:57.626
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Table Manners “How to play an Illusionist” 30:53.346

Dragon’s Hoard – The Lockstone from AD&D Comic #2 47:47.511

The lockstone is a magical device which usually appears as a crystalline or metallic orb or egg. It is believed to be native to several of the outer planes. lockstones are timed devices set to release one or more spells if particular conditions are met. A lockstone can have up to two preconditions and store up to three spells. After the spells are cast, the stone becomes dormant for at least a year, after which it will function if those conditions are met again.

A lockstone’s programming can only be changed by a Magic User of at least 16th level. Lockstones are rare and are usually used to entrap extradimensional creatures and protect valuable treasures.

Lumpers “Spare Parts” Part 3 55:28.234

Outro 1:05:18.555


2 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 35 – The Illusionist

  1. I loved this podcast because it was about one of my most favorite (sub)classes in the game. However I was disappointed when the conversation seemed to focus primarily on it’s combat abilities, which I’ve always considered to be the illusionist’s weak point and the reason it has the unfortunate reputation as an unplayable class.

    Admittedly, I thought the same of the illusionist until I started DMing for an experienced player who played one and was not fond of combat as a whole. She used her abilities in some of the most creative ways I had never even considered. She was able to spring an ambush by creating illusions of the party ahead of the real party, or create false documents which gave her ownership of a house while it’s owner was away, thus allowing her to bypass the usual obstacles. Perhaps most amusingly, she recently created city guards to appear within a bar brawl and (with the help of a ventriloquist thief), arrest the attacking brawlers. The thief’s subsequent conversation with himself turned out to be one of the most hilarious events in the adventure. Guards can be ever so cooperative when controlled by the players.

    As the campaign goes on, I am finding a new respect for illusionists and their additions as clever assistants to the party makeup, in and out of combat especially.

  2. DM Jayson missed the podcast for that silly rally? Good Lord! Ah, well. It could have been worse, I suppose. He could’ve attended that one rally with the reverend character… 😉

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