Volume 1 Issue 20 – You Can Never Have Too Many Dice

We’re finally here at issue 20 – after this one, you’ll no longer be able to roll a d20 to figure out which back issue to listen to…

As befits a natural twenty, we’re talking about dice this week.

Show notes for this week: Sage Advice: Collectors’ guides, cutout minis, and finding a gaming group The Dragon’s Hoard: The Sword of No Return Table Manners: Dice Collecting Creature Feature Theater: Some “live action” as DM Jayson takes the others into a dark cave and leaves them to face their fears.

Links from this episode:

Sage Advice

Resources for collectors

D&D Collectors resource – The Acaeum – http://www.acaeum.com/

Ultimate D&D Collectors Guide books – http://gamers-rule.com/Tomes.aspx

Cardboard Heroes minis – Steve Jackson Games http://www.sjgames.com/heroes/

Finding local gaming groups

Meetup.com – http://www.meetup.com

Dragonsfoot looking for gamers forum – http://www.dragonsfoot.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=44&sid=544fe79df32c1fa0b5d58e97a1f62d49

Good modules for a short 3-4 session game

Find some at:

Expeditious Retreat Press – http://www.xrpshop.citymax.com/page/page/3906568.htm

Troll & Toad – http://www.trollandtoad.com/Dungeons-and-Dragons-RPGs/1678-922-1605p1n10.html

Judges Guild Fantastic Personalities http://www.trollandtoad.com/p204892.html

The Dragon’s Hoard

Here’s the sword from Crispin

Sword of No Return

The blade is made of bone, with grooves that run down the blade, channeling the blood into stones that appear to be red rubies, called bloodstones. The blade is covered in runes, and the handguard is shaped into a pair of obsidian claws.
The bloodstones are the source of the blade’s magical powers, and draw their power from blood, which must be replensished regularly.
If the bloodstones are not “fed” at least once per month, it will lose one “plus” of magical ability per month that it goes unused. The Sword of No Return is always hungry to be weilded in battle, and will seek to control its owner to ensure a constant “feeding.”
On a natural 20 to hit, the sword drains two levels, as a spectre.
Any creature killed by the sword has its soul absorbed by the blade, and cannot be resurected or bought to life by a raise dead or directly worded wish spell.

Shortsword, +2 to hit, +5 damage (if used within the past month)

Detect good/evil 60′ radius, detect invisible 10′ radius, detect magic 30′ radius

Intelligence 17
Ego 16
Alignment CE

Speaks Common

Telepathy with wielder

Table Manners

Game Science precision dice http://www.gamescience.com/

Chessex http://www.chessex.com/

Creature Feature Theater

No spoiler here, listen to see what the creature is…


7 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 20 – You Can Never Have Too Many Dice

  1. Awesome…I use a crown royal bag for my dice..keep doing play session encounters.. here’s an idea do a return to the Colful with a character using the sword of no return(except a good aligned version) to redeem the party… 🙂

  2. Keep those encounters coming. It is defiently a great way of handling this segement! It’s also fun for those of us who can’t play every week to have a taste

  3. Hey guys!
    Been loving the podcast and look forward to every episode. I wanted to comment that I am one of the poor souls who do not have a “real” iPod, and thus, cannot take advantage of the enhanced version you post to iTunes. I do, however, use iTunes to collect all the other podcasts I follow. Using the awesome “iTunes Agent”, I can still use iTunes to sync my MP3 player, but it doesn’t recognize the enhanced format. I need to download the MP# version and manually add it to my player instead. 🙁
    Amy chance of you doing a second iTunes feed for the basic version of the show? I can’t imagine I’m the only guy with a problem…

  4. I like the Creature Feature even more now than before. The creatures come alive when they are in action.

  5. Hello fellow old school DM’s

    My name is Felipe (wich stands for Phillip in portuguse), and i’m from Brazil. I feel very fortunate to have bumped with your podcast while surffing for, well, “old school dungeons and dragons podcast”.

    I also started a projetct named “Advanced Pod & Cast”, where me and some other friends share some table stories about games played long ago. Ironicaly our podcast is not only about AD&D, and we talk about any games we played in the late 80’s or early 90’s, so far we have covered the 2nd edition and FASERIP Mavel from TSR. I would welcome you to listen to our chattering, but i will very boring, unless you know some Portuguese!

    Thanks for the inspiration and keep on rolling and criting!

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