Volume 1 Issue 18 – Dragonlance author Margaret Weis

This week’s guest on the show is none other than legendary author Margaret Weis.

Together with Tracy Hickman, she is best known for the Dragonlance novels and game world. Margaret has written over fifty books, including the  Starshield, Darksword, and Dragonships series. She has two game companies which produce Dragonlance games, as well as the Cortex system on which the Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, and other RPGs are based.

First order of business is our T-shirt giveaway. We had 23 + 4 entries, and you’ll just have to listen to the on-air die roll to see who won.

The rolls were: d6 odd/even to choose a group of 12 commenters; d12 to pick the winner from that group – and in the event that none of the 23 commenters won the die roll, we had a d4 waiting to pick from the latecomers.

The numbers assigned to our Facebook commenters (the entrants) were in the order of their comments:

Group 1:

1 Andrew Heckmann
2 Todd Hughes
3 Ronald Corn
4 Jacob Fulton
5 Buzz Tilford
6 Tr TRensalier
7 Jesse Easterbrooks
8 Ronald G. Redmond
9 Freeman Burnstad
10 James Schaper
11 Brandon Gabriel Frisch
12 Baron Ringler

Group 2:

1 Matt Faul
2 Mark Henning Jr
3 David A Levine
4 Peter Byrne
5 Jonathan Howry
6 Dallas McNally
7 Darren Fox
8 Lilaxe Dizok
9 Edward Jones
10 Alan Christopher Hume
11 Dallas McNally


1 Sidney Parham
2 Jl Roling
3 Nateal Falk
4 John Fiala

Listen in and see who won the roll…


One thought on “Volume 1 Issue 18 – Dragonlance author Margaret Weis

  1. This was an amazing podcast. Margaret Weis is hilarious, who says nothing good comes from a crazy imagination.

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