Old School Mapping! Fun times!


When I start a campaign from the beginning, I love to sit down and draw out the area. While I am not the best artist in the world, the map I draw is for my tracking purposes and sometimes I share with my group. I think drawing out the map on hex paper gives it that old school feel.

Here is just phase one of the mapping process as I am going to be basing my Palladium Fantasy game in Ophid’s Grasslands.

The area is wide open to fill in things and yes there are books that help fill in the gaps of this area as a whole, BUT I feel its still open enough for me to do what I please in this area. The creatures in this area are mysterious and lots of caravans go out in the grasslands, never to return.

There is a Devil’s Mark in the north that has its mysteries and the mountains are filled with creatures just waiting to pounce on people trying to cross them.

Then there is the Land of the Damned….

Until next time…

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