The Face Mask of Horror – More Evil Goodness!

The Face Mask of Horror
By The Evil GM, Pulled from his Notebooks of Doom!

Now that would scare anyone!
This mask is made up from strips of burnt flesh, sewn together by silver strains of wire. The flesh appears to feel and look as if its still alive and squirming around.

When worn, this mask will put the fear of their god into them, as they must make a save vs fear with a heavy minus to stand their ground. The mask’s magical properties, allows the view to see their worst nightmares each time they look at it. To stop the visions and fear, they must make a save each combat round, run or knock the mask off the face of the wearer. Knocking off the mask requires that a successful saving throw is made and then a called hit has to be made.
The Longer the character wears the mask, the closer he slowly becomes insane and keeps the mask on all the time.
The first time worn, it will work with no side effects and seem grand! After the 4th use, the Dungeon Master will have to make a secret saving throw vs spells for the character. If the save is a failure, when the player says his character takes off the mask, the Dungeon Master will tell the character, no his character feels as if he wants the mask to stay on, and that he enjoys the effects of the mask way too much.
From this point the player will know something is up, and can freely make their save with a penalty of -2 after 24 hours. If the save fails again, the character can try once more in 48 hours -4.
If the final save is not made, the character becomes insane and the mask is permanently affixed to his face as a part of his head.
The character can not have this mask removed during any phase, short of cutting the flesh on his own face, scarring him and possibly resulting in a system shock roll.

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