Ring of Sinking Depression, Gives Bonus to stat!?

Ring of Sinking Depression
by the Evil GM, pulled from his notebooks of doom!
Price:3,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight –
This ring is simple in appearance, plain silver with small skull in front. It is easily identified by any level Magic User as a ring that will add a bonus to the wearer’s prime stat.

When the user puts the ring on, they will feel no change, but when their mood changes (for the worse) the ring’s powers will kick in, granting them its magical bonus (see chart below).
Simply, the more depressed and sad the character acts and portrays as a true emotion, the higher the bonus.
The twist of this ring, is the longer the character uses the power of the ring the harder it becomes for the character to come out of their state. This factor would not be identifiable by a Magic User at all.
A character that portrays and stays in the despair state for more then a few days, risks the chance of developing an insanity from the Dungeon Master’s Guide… DM’s Choice, Of Course.
The Dungeon Master will secretly roll the chances, starting at 50%, adding 10% each day.
If the character is perfectly content, no bonus.
If the character is a bit melancholy, +1 bonus.
If the character is crying or sad, +3 bonus.
If the character is lost to despair,  +4 major bonus.

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