Ring of Healing or is it?? Muhahahah!

The Ring of Healing

by the Evil GM

Price:5,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight –


This looks and appears to be a ring of healing granting the user the ability to heal himself 3 to 5 times a day, healing anywhere from 4 points to 24 points in a shot.

This item when identified will appear to be a ring of healing with the properties listed above, unless detected by a high level Magic User (15 and up). The real fun begins when the character puts the ring on, the ring reveals its TRUE self. The ring will work in stages as it slowly turns the character into an undead zombie.

Stage 1 – The character notices is that it will not come off at all and that he now has the ability to inflict wounds on others, instead of heal (as stated above, just inflict now).

Stage 2 – (after second usage of inflict) The character will notice he will gain healing from the infliction of wounds of equal value, if the character needs no healing, nothing will happen. The characters skin will slowly turn a pale color, and cold to the touch of others.

Stage 3 – Same as stage two, except now the character will be able to gain 5 temporary hitpoints that once lost will not return and will never go over the 5 threshold by accumilation. The character will notice (if prompted somehow) they will no longer need to eat or drink and only need 2 hours resting time. Once this happens, the character has one week of game time, otherwise this process can not be reversed, and then moves into stage 4 and if the ring comes off, the character will slowly die in 24 hours.

Stage 4 – Final stage, Character will stop breathing, heart beat will stop completely and will show all the signs of being undead now.

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