Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!

The RFI train keeps on going, burning up the tracks as they are here this week with a special guest, Jeff Saidek from Gorilla Games!

In the meat of this show the guys talk about what should and should not be brought to the table each week. What would kill the mood and what you should do as the Dungeon Master when these things happen!

Matt reaches into the treasure chest for an interesting item involving magical paints.

Sal show his love for everything slimey and moldy in the Creature feature theater!

We read your emails and listen to your voicemails in sage advice to end the show!

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9 thoughts on “Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!

  1. It’s not the “wannabe DM’s” trying to impress their players at the table by using their knowledge of the game by spitting out some random rule they just found and now they are going to enforce that rule in tonight’s game. Nope, not that guy. Not even they guy who just became the DM no more than 1 hour ago and trying his best to remember what he needs to actually run a game that night and is totally getting everything wrong, but yet still having fun learning as he goes. Not him either. Its the jerk who knows everything about the DMG and every other book that follows, and is going to make sure you know he’s the man at the table. Not only does the POG(piece of garbage) talk really fast, but he smiles after every little thing, and expects you to laugh or smile in return. Hey buddy, got some advice, you are not the man. We have read the same books you did, understood them fairly well. Its just we are lazy tonight and just want play, not DM. Get off your high horse, relax a bit with the rules, and just have fun. Enjoy the group you have the before you and show them a good time. Ok enough of my rant. Sorry for the long reply. Have a good one. Late.

  2. Is charging for seats in a local game (none conventions) fair or just greedy? I really dont see the issue. Of course I understand you guys dont like the idea of paying and thats fine. Is it greedy. Well depends on why the person is charging and how much.

    I think your guest actually had the best answer.
    Of course we all prefer to play with our friends and hope the DM is having just as much fun as the players and this is why the DM judges the game.

    I just dont see why its so wrong to pay someone for their time.
    The DM actually has to put in much more prep when running a game.

    Also what if the person unemployed or underemployed. Should that person try to improve his/her situation. Absolutely but that is irrelevant. In this case it isnt greedy to charge. That person would otherwise have to take another job and then wont have time to DM.

    What the DM does is almost work.
    We pay people to sing us songs.
    We pay people to act.

    I think the majority of people wont play if they had to pay and the fact we love the game so do so much for free just to improve the community but good DMing is still providing a service. Its wonderful that most people do this for free and I hope this hobby continues that tradition.

    Love the show just totally disagree with this one topic but I think I agree with how you guys feel about the topic.
    We want DMs to love DMing as the main reason they do it.
    We prefer to play with DMs that do it for free because usually they are doing it out of passion for the game.

    I just think what the DM brings to the game is a service of entertainment but Id prefer the DM to be a friend and not someone I paid.

    Just realized a point, you guys ask for donations on patreon and how is that much different?

    One more time great show. Im not trying to be a hater.
    Just a different perspective

  3. I don’t have a problem with someone charging for seats to DM. I would not do it, but if someone wants to try that is fine with me, it’s a free country. I do have a problem with the attitude I don’t like the practice therefore it should not be allowed, you sounded very fascist.

    1. Fascist, LOL. Everyone is allowed an opinion, that happens to be mine, yours is in a different direction. No need to resort to name calling, but thanks for listening and providing feedback!

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