Volume 5 Issue 174 – Round Table Talk – Community Hot Topics!

Join Vince this week as he is joined by two special guests from the gaming community to chat about the various topics that are seen on Facebook and talked about in the gaming community.

Special Guests:

  • Timothy Brannan, writer and blogger of the Otherside blog
  • Erik Tenkar, Blogger of Tenkar’s Tavern.

Dungeon Mastering?
– Is charging for seats in a local game (none conventions) fair or just greedy?
– charging to teach newbies how to play and be a DM?

– playing a simple AD during a podcast is enough, but asking and throwing in plugs more then once is that over doing it?
– Are Kickstarters hurting the hobby or helping?

Buying Books?
– Amazon vs Local Store

Forums vs Social media platforms?
– Which is more helpful vs less informative
– Which encourages more interaction and thoughtful comments?

Links on today’s show:
The Otherside Blog – http://theotherside.timsbrannan.com/
Tenkar’s Tavern – http://Tenkarstavern.com
James Spahn’s White Star – http://www.rpgnow.com/product/148169/White-Star-White-Box-Science-Fiction-Roleplaying-Swords–Wizardry?src=hottest&affiliate_id=1446

Tim’s new book:

Sisters of the Aquarian Order – Coming soon to RPGNOW.com

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1 Comment

  1. Wow, I was just thinking about DMing games to raise money to reach a specific goal. I agree its DMing for money isnt really great but honestly the money you guys were giving as examples isnt much money at all. I wouldnt have much issue paying a small amount to get the opportunity to play a game. Now if the game is bad of course then I wouldnt pay that person again.

    If its cheap then Ill consider it. Unfortunately good or bad DM, it takes that DM personal time and effort to get a game happening. I do think it changes the dynamic a bit for good and bad. If Im paying then my expectations are a bit more but also its like satisfying an itch. I get to play. But if its a friend and no money then its usually better because you can develop a better friendship and better jokes at the table. I dont see an issue with the idea. Actually Im DMing a game right now but Id like to play a bit and the idea of paying a DM to get me up a level sounds like fun. (As long as its less than a movie ticket 😉 )

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