Review of Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit for D&D 5E

Today I am going to take a look at a great resource for DM’s, Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit. I’m sure quite a few people already know about this product – Heck it’s a Platinum Best Seller on the DM’s Guild site – but it’s PACKED with 100 pages of juicy goodness for Dungeon Masters of new and old to get something useful out of it.

First and foremost, this toolkit has tables. I LOVE ME SOME RANDOM TABLES! My gaming roots and upbringing in gaming date me back to the early days of playing AD&D1e, which had charts galore. So Bonus points right there for charts, and major praise. Anything a DM can use to roll on and make things random so players can’t predict what’s happening is always a good tool for a smart DM to have.

Ahh Tables!
Second, we have a section for puzzles, a whole bunch of logical and numerical puzzles. Some of them seem very familiar to me, but I can’t seem to figure out how, maybe I saw it somewhere before? Whatever the case, it’s good to have these at my finger tips for ease of reference.
Puzzles.. yay!

Third we have a section for little “one shot” low tier adventures, levels 1 to 5. This section was what I was kind of looking forward to seeing, because while they are short little adventures, a good DM could easily incorporate these into a running campaign, and really expand upon them to make something grand out of them. But you only have 6 of them, so use wisely with your group.

Just a Small Look at some of them.
Fourth section is dedicated to Maps, 10 dungeon maps. I like this section a lot because good dungeon maps can be recycled over and over and your players will never know. Just have to be clever about it and sneaky to get it done, but hell it’s possible, I’ve done it a dozen times. One thing I will say about this section, he could have scanned the maps in, some of them look like a cell phone capture of a picture. There is apps like Genius Scan that will allow you to take a photo, and make it a PNG or PDF scan of the picture. But that’s a minor complaint, just happy to have them!
Hand drawn map here!

Fifth and final section is what the author describes as “complete dungeons”. There is 4 of them in total, and flipping back and forth, they don’t seem much different than the one shots we see in section three, slightly longer. Heck it’s still a wonderful thing to have, but not sure why it’s classified that as complete, but maybe I am missing something. Still it’s good, not complaining, just curious. *Shrug*

Complete Dungeons

So overall, this book is packed with awesomeness and a GREAT resource for any DM to have at the table in case things fly off the handle, or someone doesn’t show up (side adventure anyone?). With the price marked as Pay What You Want at the DM’s Guild (that’s a steal!) you can basically drop a fat $0 in there to check it out and to see what I am talking about and then go back and offer up a few silver pieces to the author. While money shouldn’t be any gamers main driving point when releasing products, it does sure help encourage folks. 

Rating 5 Character Souls out of 5! Check it out!

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