Twilight 2k Solo Play – What do I need? What Rules? Starting Point?

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Obviously I am going to be playing this solo or there might be a small chance I know someone who wants to play, so then it would be co-op, which is also VERY interesting…. but for now.. its all solo play and we’ll stick to that. Now I’ll be doing all the rolling of dice myself, and looking at a chart to help determine things. SO I need to ask myself, should I allow the roll to stand as as it is, or do I get a re-roll once in a while?

Rules Set: The 2nd edition rules (not 2.2e, but just 2e). 2e is what I grew up playing and I never bothered to get 2.2e.

Emulator or decision Maker: This one is kind of important, because this will help me determine directions, things I’ll find, how likely something will happen…etc. I have a few choices out there and I will list them below. The things I list are things I THINK would be best for this type of game, and I know there are more, but they don’t fit in with what I am looking to do. My choice will be determined as I get closer to game play.

Character work sheets and record sheets, easy enough to print out, though I wish there were a fillable PDF

Journal: Which will be this blog, I guess? Yeah, I think so.

Starting Point: I am thinking this campaign will be based around Italy, and an Italian Division. Why you ask? Italy is wide open, there is not much information about at all, its sandbox for me to create things and that’s where I thrive, sandbox environments. According to the book and how it lists very little about Italy, there are some forces in both the Balkans and in Southern Germany near Munich, which might be a great starting point, for a bunch of separated Italians in a division to make the trek home.

Where is Home? Well, after speaking with Phil Hatfield (thanks man!) from the TW2k community located on Mewe, we’ve come to the conclusion about Italy that the mountain and northern regions of Italy were nuked and bombed severely. So that area is considered Devastated and probably need to stay far away from. Central Italy is Cantonments and Independent Cities. Various islands like Sicily, Sardinia and a few more islands are roughly “controlled” by Rome, but are self-reliant and have to contend with Pirates from Africa. The following places could be seen as bombed/Nuked, Milan, Venice, Bolzano Bozen and Trento. Industrial cities likely bombed badly or even nuked are: Lecco (up by Switzerland), Como (up by Switzerland), Treviso (near Venice), Modena (north of Bologna), Reggio Emilia (northwest of Bologna), Vicenza (east towards Venice), Pordenone is east towards Udine, and Belluno. Udine comes up and there is a large place of troops up there, while its probably been bombed, it could be the target goal for the little rag tag bunch to make their ways towards and see if anything survived?

Starting Goal: The unit makes it way to Udine to find out if anything survived.

How often will I do this: Not sure really, as I do work full time, have my two weekly games, which we record over at and I have my youtube (, so I think every couple of days I could sit down during my lunch break, and plot out what the little group is doing. 

I am not sure what else I’ll need, probably something to randomly generate things? I am not sure, I’ve never done this with this type of game. Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Twilight 2k Solo Play – What do I need? What Rules? Starting Point?

  1. I have always been intrigued about T2K solo play. It’s one of those things I have idly thought about over the years but never really gotten into the gyts of how one goes about it and if it would be fun. I shall be watching this with intrigue!

    1. I am in the same boat as you. I’ve seen a few people do it, its always interested me, but I never really got into it, until basically now. No one really wants to play the game with me, so what’s the next best thing… solo it! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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