Thinking about Twilight 2000, Solo Play?

Thinking about Twilight 2000, Solo Play?


One of the many games I enjoyed playing when I was younger was Twilight 2000. The big yellow book (as displayed in the picture) was the book I purchased when I was in high school. It was the newer updated rules to the 1e box-set (which I didn’t know about at the time).

I enjoyed many hours playing in my friends backyard during the summer and even after school when school started, where we planned missions, drew up weapons and tanks… had a great time!

How we got started on playing this game?

Well my friend was not allowed to play D&D, at all. His parents thought it was evil and would corrupt him, so we found other games to play, this was one of them.

His mother had no issue with us planning troop movements, sniping “bad guys” from a hilly area as long as we didnt play Dungeons & Dragons.

Was quite funny.

Anyhow, the years passed since I’ve played this game, but I’ve always held onto this one book, hoping one day I could play it again. About a year ago, I got a hold of the boxset and a few supplements for 2e, which kind of sparked up my want to play this game, but its not for everyone.

Not a lot of people enjoy a role-playing game of strict details about survival during a cold war era of gaming.. or the idea of World War 3 breaking out and now this is the aftermath.

I guess you need to live through that era of life to understand it, the ’80s was all about the possibility of the USSR, the Soviet Union starting World War 3 with the US.

Communism was a bad thing (as it should be) and America was full of pride, heck if you pointed a finger at someone and said they were a commie, it was a huge insult and rumors were that you’d be watched, cause spies were everywhere! LOL.

Anyhow, since I really can’t find anyone to play, why not just play it myself?

I think its a good way to relearn the game you love and have some fun while playing. I think I’ll do that and keep notes in this blog or do some videos on it.

Next up: what I need to play and what rules to adjudicate it?

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