Images that can help describe the adventure

You see a swirling dark portal when you open the doors
Sometimes pictures can describe things during your adventure more then words can ever describe what you are trying to tell your players during the game.

While playing on, I like to flash up pictures or play music to set certain tones when the players are facing a situation. Now being an old school player, my roots are in “theater of the mind” and we barely used minis on the table when we played, but as I am getting older and getting more settled into playing games via the internet, I am finding these little “props” really work.

As you look up, you see the wolf howl loudly and snarl before it attacks you!
As you step out of the dungeon, you see a building in ruins… A long stair case is your only avenue to move forward.
This is just something to consider when setting the mood for your campaigns and something I seriously noticed from doing all these things, Players will speculate about the picture and maybe even give you an idea to roll with or use for the situation or a future event!

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