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Today on the blog, I wanted to talk about NPC Quirks, things that make NPCs stand out, and just a small touch can help players remember the NPC and maybe even come back to them for more information.

We all know that no DM wants their NPC to be brushed aside or ignored especially when you put some time and effort into them by naming them, giving them a description and what they have on them. We want NPCs that will make the PCs wonder, question and even laugh. We want ones that make the players out of game be like, “remember when we went into that inn and the guy was like…” type stories.

Well here is a list I sometimes use that’s in my DM binder for giving my NPCs a little memorable quirk.

Grab your percentile dice (1d100) and roll on this table below, or pick something at random, you are the DM, its your world and story, do as you please!

  1. Always humming a tune, even in serious situations.
  2. Refers to themselves in the third person.
  3. Constantly twirls their hair or beard when thinking.
  4. Has an irrational fear of small animals.
  5. Speaks only in rhymes or alliteration.
  6. Collects unusual rocks and stones.
  7. Has a pet bird that repeats everything they say.
  8. Mispronounces common words deliberately.
  9. Carries around a pocketful of dried herbs and spices.
  10. Claims to have once been a famous adventurer.
  11. Falls asleep suddenly during conversations.
  12. Is convinced they are being followed by invisible spirits.
  13. Talks to inanimate objects as if they were alive.
  14. Always offers bizarre but harmless advice.
  15. Refuses to step on cracks in the pavement.
  16. Has an obsession with counting things.
  17. Insists on wearing mismatched shoes at all times.
  18. Makes animal noises instead of laughing.
  19. Has a habit of drawing doodles on any available surface.
  20. Keeps a diary of imaginary achievements.
  21. Talks excessively about their dreams as if they were real.
  22. Always carries a lucky charm and won’t go anywhere without it.
  23. Refers to days of the week by made-up names.
  24. Has an uncanny ability to mimic other people’s voices.
  25. Is extremely superstitious about certain colors.
  26. Sings everything they want to say instead of speaking.
  27. Constantly offers to read palms or predict the future.
  28. Collects bizarre and exotic hats.
  29. Always carries around a tiny bell and rings it randomly.
  30. Has a habit of winking excessively during conversation.
  31. Believes they are a distant relative of a famous historical figure.
  32. Refuses to eat food unless it’s arranged in a specific pattern.
  33. Has an imaginary friend they frequently talk to.
  34. Speaks with a fake accent from a distant land.
  35. Is always chewing on a toothpick or blade of grass.
  36. Is convinced they can communicate with plants.
  37. Refers to common animals with unusual names.
  38. Constantly checks their pockets as if searching for something.
  39. Speaks at a volume that is always too loud or too quiet.
  40. Carries around a small pouch of strange-smelling powders.
  41. Has a habit of giving everyone they meet a nickname.
  42. Avoids stepping on shadows.
  43. Refuses to touch anything made of gold.
  44. Has a penchant for telling tall tales and exaggerating stories.
  45. Believes they are cursed with incredibly bad luck.
  46. Always carries around a unique and impractical weapon.
  47. Can’t resist rearranging furniture or objects in a room.
  48. Is always munching on a specific type of fruit or nut.
  49. Refuses to speak directly and only communicates through gestures.
  50. Talks about themselves in the plural (e.g., “We think…”).
  51. Has an obsession with cleanliness and hygiene.
  52. Has a habit of giving out strange compliments.
  53. Is terrified of open water or large bodies of water.
  54. Insists on reciting a famous quote before making any decision.
  55. Is constantly scribbling notes on their hands or arms.
  56. Has an intense dislike for a particular food.
  57. Carries around a small vial of a mysterious liquid.
  58. Is always munching on aromatic herbs.
  59. Talks to every animal they encounter as if it were a person.
  60. Can’t resist making terrible puns in conversation.
  61. Always wears gloves and refuses to take them off.
  62. Is convinced they can see into the future through dreams.
  63. Keeps a collection of interesting but worthless items.
  64. Has a habit of tapping objects rhythmically.
  65. Believes they have a guardian angel watching over them.
  66. Is overly dramatic about even the smallest inconveniences.
  67. Has an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure trivia.
  68. Insists on wearing a specific color every day of the week.
  69. Speaks in whispers, even in loud environments.
  70. Always carries around a mysterious map with cryptic markings.
  71. Is obsessed with solving riddles and puzzles.
  72. Refers to common objects with unusual names.
  73. Can’t resist trying to read everyone’s emotions.
  74. Has an unusual and distinctive laugh.
  75. Is always chewing gum, no matter the situation.
  76. Believes they are being haunted by a friendly ghost.
  77. Has an irrational fear of heights.
  78. Is constantly taking notes on everything they see and hear.
  79. Talks about the weather as if it were a sentient being.
  80. Refers to themselves as an expert in a random subject.
  81. Can’t resist trying to mimic accents they hear.
  82. Is overly protective of a particular item in their possession.
  83. Talks about themselves in the future tense (e.g., “I will do that.”).
  84. Has a habit of asking everyone they meet for their opinion on random topics.
  85. Is convinced they have a hidden talent waiting to be discovered.
  86. Always carries around a collection of funny masks.
  87. Can’t resist giving everyone they meet a high five.
  88. Speaks in a rapid-fire manner, as if they’re in a hurry.
  89. Is always scribbling down ideas for inventions.
  90. Believes they can communicate with spirits.
  91. Refuses to eat anything cooked by someone else.
  92. Is overly fond of using dramatic gestures while speaking.
  93. Always wears a pair of mismatched socks.
  94. Talks about their imaginary adventures as if they were real.
  95. Has an unusual pet that accompanies them everywhere.
  96. Can’t resist making up new words during conversations.
  97. Believes they have a secret identity or alter ego.
  98. Is always carrying a strange or unique musical instrument.
  99. Has a habit of quoting famous literature in everyday conversation.
  100. Is convinced they are living in a dream and nothing is real.

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