Volume 2 Issue 69 – Letters to the Editor

This week we have a special very special issue of letters edition of Roll For Initiative. We have an extended Sage Advice where we answer your all your e-mail and voice mail questions. Then in a listener suggested segment we discuss adding some variety to the run of the mill fighter. So sit back and enjoy this listener driven issue of Roll For Initiative.

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Sage Advice – 8:26.000
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Table Manners – Adding Variety to Fighters 1:05.33.360

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One thought on “Volume 2 Issue 69 – Letters to the Editor

  1. Hey gentlemen,
    Great show! I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s questions and the discussion it generates. Thanks for talking about initiative (I like the KISS method). I was wondering what Vince likes about his method over everyone else’s. It seems like it would be more fun for the DM. How do the players usually react?
    Also, you talked about how to populate a city. I’ve had a great RPG aid called “Cities” that was put out by Midkemia Press back in 1981 (yes, I’m that old). The book contains City Encounter Tables that allow you to determine who or what characters meet while travelling through the city. The encounters can change for the type of street on which the encounter happens (quiet or busy), time of day, etc. Each encounter also has a subtable so even if the characters meet more than one urchin, let’s say, each encounter will be different. The book also has a section on how to populate your own city, town, or village. Another section deals with catch-up tables. These tables generate events that occur to characters when there has been a long span of time between adventures. So in the time off, a character might been accused of a crime, enlisted in the military, witnessed a secret ceremony, etc. The best thing is that the company still offers this product in PDF form. http://www.midkemia.com/
    Thanks for the show. Keep them coming!

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