Volume 2 Issue 68 – Adventures Dark and Deep

This week we have a little something different on Roll For Initiative. DM Vince had the opportunity to talk with Joseph Bloch, the creator of Adventures Dark and Deep. Joseph Block took the writings of Gary Gygax’s ideas on what should be in 2nd Edition and attempted to create that game using the OGL. So sit back and enjoy this interview about the game that might have been had Gary stayed at TSR, on this weeks issue of Roll For Initiative.

Adventures Dark and Deep Website http://www.adventuresdarkanddeep.com/

Adventures Dark and Deep on DriveThruRPG http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=3728


4 thoughts on “Volume 2 Issue 68 – Adventures Dark and Deep

  1. I tried to download AD+D at RPG Drive Thru. They failed. I have registered and they do not let me login. End of that discussion (because my doctor says to cut out such frustrations).

    Please contact me. I would like to see this game. Maybe you can get it to me without the fancy dance.


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