New Series on the Channel, Savage Worlds!

Started up a new series on my channel. Its the first of a bunch of videos to come. In this one I am just giving a general overview and my thoughts on main core book of Adventure Edition. I talk a little bit about how I got started with Savage Worlds and how much fun that could  be had with this just this book. Settings just add more flavor to the game and add more fun, I will be getting into all these things and more as I move on. I have another video in the “can” so to speak and will be ready for viewing in a couple of days. Started drawing up notes for the third video today and will record that in a day or so.

Hoping to cover character creation, races (along with how to create a custom one), Edges/Hindrances, skills and then after the main book, getting into the setting books. There are a lot of settings to look at and all of them loads of fun.

Check it out, leave me a like, a comment and subscribe if you haven’t!



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