Savage Worlds Character Creation Video (SWADE)

Today on the channel is the release of my SWADE Character Creation process. Decided to do this much like how I start all my series of the games I do on my channel. I do this because I believe it gives a good overview of the game itself. I know personally when I look at a system, the first thing I look at is the character sheet and the creation process. I will ask myself:

  1. does it look cool?
  2. is it easy enough to understand?
  3. is there room for growth?
  4. what type of dice system is it?
  5. does it use experience based growth?

Normally next what I do after I’ve answered these questions is go through the character creation process and make up characters. Normally the first one or two will take some time, especially if its a new system. If its a system I’m generally familiar with it should take less time and be quick. Which this process is quick and easy to understand.

I think the hardest part of creating a character in Savage Worlds is picking your character’s skills, Hindrances and Edges to match the vision you have in your head about how he should look and feel.

So sit back and enjoy this video, tell me what you think!



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