Thoughts on my Future…for youtube expanded a bit.

In this video today, I am talking about my future with youtube and basically why I haven’t been posting videos.

What really boils down to, is that one needs passion when doing videos. If you have no passion, the subject comes across as fake or forced. When I do videos on my channel, I like to have excitement, I like to show the joy I have when I open that book up and read them.

People have suggested I do reviews.. but the thing is I HATE doing reviews. All reviews are subjective to the reader’s POV, what I think is cool, may not be the same with you. Also with reviews, I like to be honest and most people in the tabletop industry are a bunch of pussies (there are a few exceptions) and can’t handle bad reviews, and will lash out. They all expect good reviews because I was given something for free. Fuck that, if your product is crap, I am gonna say, its crap dude.

So back to the point, I need passion, I need something I really like. That’s what drives me to make videos.

Its also sad to see that I have (as of writing this) have 1.12k followers/subs whatever the fuck youtube calls it, and I get 25 to 70 views on average for videos. What in the holy hell is going on? Shouldn’t my videos be seen more by my subs? Maybe its me, and certain people subbed because they liked one topic.. or out of pity? I dunno, but its frustrating to plan things out and put videos up only to get a handful of views and little to no comments. I know certain people who view my stuff sometimes go out of their way to leave thoughtful comments or funny comments to the videos because they like to interact and such.. and I appreciate it. thank you.

that’s it, I am out.

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P.s. I enabled the new features so folks can sign in via facebook, or twitter, or google so they can comment. Thanks. – E

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