Volume 6 Issue 191 – Unearthed Arcana!

Join Vince, Chrispy and Nick take a close look at the Unearthed Arcana book from 1985, where most consider the start of AD&D 1.5E. The boys go over the history of the book, talk about things happening at the time of printing of the book and how this book saved TSR’s butt, when money was tight! Was this book accepted among the gamers of our hobby or was it overall shunned because it was considered the start of powergaming? Listen in and YOU decide what’s what with this book!

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3 thoughts on “Volume 6 Issue 191 – Unearthed Arcana!

  1. UA is definitely a three sword book. I didn’t hate it then and I don’t hate it now, but it does have a mixture of good and not so good. I agree that Method V (if one decides to use it) should only be used for humans in order to make them more enticing to play, since in my campaigns they were always the dominant race. Unlike the demihumans, humans have a remarkable tendency to adapt, thrive and prosper in almost any circumstance or environment, so their ability scores should reflect that.

    I also want to recommend a book by John Waldman called “Hafted Weapons in Medieval and Renaissance Europe” (Brill, 2005) if you’re interested in an authoritative source on European polearms.

  2. You’re welcome, Vince. The physical book is rather expensive (over a hundred dollars) so let me know if you want a PDF link.

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