Volume 3 Issue 139 – Brick By Brick – Doors

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Post Show – D&D Next 1:27:50.519

8 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 139 – Brick By Brick – Doors

  1. Thanks for the great review guys and all the kind words. I will definitely see about getting some additional art into the next Brick by Brick product!

  2. hahaha I thought it was funny Chrispy likes to play starting at 3rd level and the others dont like starting at level 0 with 4 characters. I havent tried DCC yet but will be soon.
    Its fantastic listen to the players talk about how their 0 level characters have almost nothing and immediately without even playing they formulate silly ideas for their characters and how they are going to use what little they got on their first adventure. I like some ideas of DCC, AD&D 1e and 2e and Castles and Crusades….

    I highly suggest you all read thru DCC it has some amazing ideas…

  3. Hi guys!I just heard about your site and wondered if you’d be interested in reviewing my two books? I made these OSR based choose your own adventure books on a whim after the story came together a few years back. Lost City of the Dwarves is my attempt at breaking away from modern gaming and looking back at the good ol’ days. I’ll confess that I haven’t gotten into the digital media frenzy like most people (no iPod or smartphone), and thus haven’t heard any of your podcasts (or anyone else’s for that matter). I’m especially not fond of digital books, but I do have a watermarked PDF of my two books if you’d like me to send them your way. You can check out my website to get a better idea of my work and find a few reviews that have already been done, but generally I’ve had very little feedback on my stuff. Just give me the word, and an email, and I’ll be glad to send them your way.
    Thanks for your time,
    Chris Young

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