Volume 3 Issue 107 – In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords

Wrapping up the Slaver module series with the final installment of the Dungeons of the Slave Lord (A4), as the guys compared this final module vs the supermodule. Check it out if you want to know more and are not decided on which you should decide to run…

Intro – 0:00.000
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Hi, guys. Overlord Brynjar, aka DocMindwipe(d) on the boards here. Greetings from the mythical lands of Sunny Manchester 😉

First up, I would like to congratulate you guys on creating a podcast that I was actually interested in, I’ve heard alot about podcasts in the past but never found a subject interesting enough for me to start to want to check them out. So in 2011 I heard about RFI and I finally jumped on the bandwagon of podcasts. There’s obviosuly alot of them out there, but so far I’ve tried many but I always stop listening to the others and come back to the WGP-family.

DM’s Will, Matt, Nick and Vince, you are the Fantastic Four as far as I’m concerned when it comes to podcasts. Your sister shows are super as well, and the combined awesomeness of the three OldSchool D&D podcasts, plus the Actual Play and the Critical Wits, makes it an unsurpassed combination of power.

Right. I’ll stop now, before you start thinking too highly of yourselves 😛


Some way back, when NPC Jayson was a regular host on the show, I seem to remember something about him (NPC Jayson, that is) looking up all potential situations and then read the rules for each and every situation that the PCs may come along. DM Vince, on the other hand, just let it flow the way it feels natural for him.

I personally do something in between, though in the reverse order: If a situation comes up, I make a ruling right there and then, as I don’t want to let the players wait for however many moments for me to look up the correct rule in the correct book. And you know how that can be, you think you remember a rule from WSG, but instead the rule was covered in UA, or OA. And thus, as you flick through the WSG and can’t find it, you start to panic a little as you can’t find it, and start looking through all the books and so on and so forth.

So, as I said, I make a ruling right there and then, and keep it consistent for that session. Then, between sessions, I look up the actual rule, and then explain the exact rule (as opposed to my ruling) at the next game session. All in the interest of keeping the players engaged and (hopefully) feel that they are the ones that are actually important, not what the rulebooks say is important.

As a closing I wish for you all to have clear Heads, warm Hearts, nimble Hands and good Health.

Oops, that was the 4H promise…. 😉

Cheers and keep up the good work.

Overlod Brynjar/DocMindwipe(d)

Hello Everyone!

As I stated before, I am new to your podcast and think this is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. I have been listening for a couple weeks now, I currently listening to Issue 35 (Illusionist).

So I have a couple questions, and if these have been addressed before, forgive me.

  1. I cannot seem to get the enhanced version of the podcast through ITUNES. I listen through the newest version of Itunes or via a download on my Iphone 4S through the PODCASTS APP. Just wondering if you have ran into this problem? Some of the issues were in enhanced format now it seems they are not anymore….

  2. What is the Official site for forums for RFIPODCAST? is it Dragonsfoot or OSR GAMING? I guess what I am asking is what is the preferred method of ‘posting’?

  3. Finally, I would love to play on a Skype game with you guys. I would like to know if there is any room available? And/or are any one of you guys starting up a new campaign that has room for an old school gamer like me….

Thanks for your time

DM Angelo

Table Manners – Story of the module and tournament rules – 34:10.529

Lawrence Schick Interview -http://grognardia.blogspot.com/2009/05/interview-with-lawrence-schick.html

Outro – 1:31:38.785

MP3 Download – http://archive.org/download/Volume3Issue107-InTheDungeonsOfTheSlaveLords/RFI107.mp3

AAC Download –

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