Volume 3 Issue 106 – Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords

This time the guys will sit down and plan their Assault on the Slave lords by reviewing in detail A3: Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords. Emails are answered, laughs are had and fun is implied! Check it out…

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 10:41.354
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Some competition ideas for your consideration:

(1) Best (new/original) trap, trick or puzzle

(2) Best (new/original) magic item

(3) Best (new/original) monster/race

(4) Best (new/original) spell

(5) Write the detailed backgrounds for a party of 5 to 8 characters for a new campaign, preferably including inter-relationships and secret agendas. The only restriction being that no levels of these characters are to be specified

(devil) Part 1: Best (new/original) adventure plotline in less than 250 words (i.e. not a whole module just the idea/basis for a campaign or adventure)

(6a) Part 2: Competition to write a module incorporating the winning plot in Part 1 above. Bonus if any of (1) to (5) above are also incorporated

(7) Part 1: Write a plot-less 5-7 ‘event’ (e.g. dungeon rooms, outdoor areas or city buildings) mini-module – the best 2 or 3 of these plot-less mini-modules are to be selected for part two of the competition

(7a) Part 2: To write a single coherent module that in some way incorporates the selected 2/3 mini-modules in part 1 in a creative/seamless fashion. Again, bonus if any of (1) to (5) above are also incorporated


Assuming we’re talking by the book, I have a question regarding a magic users acquisition of new spells. The DMG states that a 1st level magic user will begin with 4 spells. I also know that to acquire new spells, they must find scrolls, spellbooks, etc. What I wonder about is the line in the DMG that says a magic user will acquire one and ONLY one spell when gaining a level. Does this imply that the only time a magic user can add a new spell to their spellbook is when they gain a level, and even then, only one spell? If that’s the case, then a 7th level magic user (for example) would only have 10 spells in their spell book. Is that correct?

Thanks for the great podcast.
DM Scott

Hello DM’s and RFI Staff.

This is DM Angelo (aka Angelo Chiriaco on the comments).

I would first of all like to thank you for doing this podcast. I am a old school DM from the 80’s.
When 2E came out, I used pieces of it in our campaign (I DM’d a group for roughly 10 years in the 80s and 90s). Then the group of us stopped playing and went our separate ways for several years….

I took a stab at playing 3rd Edition for some time, then switched over to DMing 4th edition. For a few years I was an Encounters DM at our local gaming store (GAME EMPIRE in PASADENA, CA.), FORGOTTEN REALMS JUDGE at the local conventions and DM’d a few custom campaigns.
After what seems to be a countless rounds of glorified CHESS, rules battles over defender Auras and Triggered actions; I have recently boxed up my books and denounced 4th Edition…

I have since dusted off my old ADnD books and converted our group to play “REAL” D&D. Even though some of our players were introduced to D&D through recent editions they have welcomed ADnD with open arms.

Thank you a million for having a passion for ADnD.

Angelo (DM Angelo)

Table Manners – Story of the module and tournament rules 41:00.588

Creature Feature Theater – The Storoper – 1:51:04.435

The Treasure Chest – Sword of Lyons – 2:03:10.872

Outro – 2:09:48.560

MP3 Download – http://archive.org/details/Volume3Issue106-AssaultOnTheAerieOfTheSlaveLords

AAC Download – http://traffic.libsyn.com/rollforinitiative/RFI106.m4a

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