Volume 2 Issue 89 – Evil…Indeed!

Intro – 0:00:00
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Sage Advice – 4:39.442
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Table Manners – Evil PCs and Evil Campaigns 14:59.979

Creature Feature Theater – Leprechaun 54:11.123
Monster Manual pg 60

The Dragon’s Hoard – Scroll of Hypnotic Pattern 1:04:31.404
Player’s Handbook pg 95

Outro 1:14:48.844


One thought on “Volume 2 Issue 89 – Evil…Indeed!

  1. Like the issue on Evil characters. I’ve also had players that have been personally offended if their characters have been pick-pocketed by another character and have actually walked out on the game. I don’t think that player is demented for playing someone less than good. The character could have a messed up back story explaining why he/she is angry at the world or motivates them – just like a character from a book. As far as evil game storylines go, instead of a good team retrieving a stolen item – the evil team is hired to steal the item from its rightful owner. Instead of saving the good town from raiders, perhaps they decide to assist in raiding, or take over the town themselves! Maybe they need to kidnap someone important. Maybe rob an extremely well guarded, trapped or hidden vault. If you go to the dark side the possibilities are as endless as good adventures. Keep up the good work!

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