ORCS! – The movie?

OKAY. So today is my birthday (yay!), but I woke up to see this email in my box, saying I should check out this movie, called ORCS! An indepentant film about if Orcs actually were real and decided to come and kill us. The poster itself looks like it could be cool.

But after watching the trailer for it, it reminded me a very bad Shawn of the Dead, mixed with Super Troopers, and a touch of Army of Darkness. I am not sure if I would watch this movie, after doing a little more research from IMDB.com. Anyhow, here is the blurb about the movie and the trailer. The website for the movie doesn’t exist anymore, so I guess it was a bomb (a 3.7 on IMDB). Tell me what you think? Would you see it?

When marauding orcs invade a US National Park, our collective fates lie in the hands of Ranger Cal Robertson and his side-kick, Volunteer Cadet Hobie, who must stop the wave of destruction before the whole world is overrun.


One thought on “ORCS! – The movie?

  1. I wouldn't actually go out and make a special trip to see it unless I was with a group and we all had a hankerin' for a silly movie. I might watch it if it was on SyFy or on Netflix streaming, but even then, I think it's more of a group-view kind of flick, especially gamers.

    I will give it points for novelty; the apparently-endless fascination with zombies nowadays makes me glad to see someone trying some other critter as their focus.

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