Desert Fighter

Arisel’s eyes crested the dune. The Palid Caravan marched through the sands below. I’ve caught them in time, good. The lord’s mark felt cold on his chest.

Sand shifted. Fools why don’t you see it!

Brown cloaked figures emerged from the hills of sand flanking the train. Arisel pulled his short bow from his back and leaped of his dune’s ledge. Sliding halfway down, launching arrows at the bandits beneath.

The caravan was panicking. So were the bandits. The half dozen soldiers assigned to guard began move. Two bandits and tried to charge upwards towards Arisel planted and arrow in each of their chests. He ran to the caravan, leaping onto a cart and began firing the the second group.

A red cloaked figure dashed from one of the covered carts towards the fray. Idiot, he’s going to get himself killed.

Arisel dropped his bow and drew his scimitar and sprinted. The sword nearly fell, but Arisel yanked the prince back by his shirt. Arisel let the prince fall and struck the unwary attacker down.

One of the bandits pushed a guard off his sword and ripped the cloth from his face. “Ari?” He was smiling.

“Bastard!” Arisel kicked a bandit in the back of the knee, then charged.

Desert Fighter

Desert fighters are a sub-class of fighters, skilled in the surviving, tracking, and living in desert terrain. Desert fighters can be any non-lawful alignment. Those of a good nature take likely take it upon to guard local towns, villages, or oasis, whilst those falling under evil alignments use their skills to raid and pillage said towns, villages, and oasis. Desert fighters may not have and intelligence of less than ten, a wisdom of less then 13, and a constitution of no less than 14. Desert fighters gain no bonus experience from high ability scores, however they gain a 5% experience bonus when operating in a desert environment.

Desert fighters use a d8 hit die, and advance like the ranger class. Unlike rangers, desert fighters never gain spell-like abilities, nor do they start with two hit dice. Over their advancement they gain a large spread of abilities that assist both in, and out, of their desert home. Desert fighters level as rangers.

      1. Desert fighters surprise opponents 33.3%(d6 score, 1 or 2) of the time or, 83.3%(d6 score, 1 through 5) of the time if attacking from being hidden in sand. Desert fighters are surprised only 16.6%(d6 score, 1) of the time.
      2. At 2nd level desert fighters have learned to preserve and save water. The desert fighter consumes half the water needed to survive. At 4th level this is reduced to a third of the water needed, and at 6th level. only one fourth
      3. At 2nd level desert fighters gain the ability to hide in sand. Roll d6. If the roll is below or equal to 1/2 the desert fighter’s level. If successful the character will be concealed from all non-magical detection. If failed there is a there is a 40% – 5% per level chance of the fighter being unaware that his attempt is unsuccessful.
      4. At 4th, desert fighters deal twice the amount of damage when they have surprise. At 8th level they deal three times the damage
      5. At 10nth level, desert fighter obtains a band 4-24 followers. There is a 10% chance that each individual will be 5th level, a 20% chance they will be 4th, a 30% chance they will be 3rd level, a 20% chance they will be 2nd level, and a 20% chance they will be 1st level. Use the ranger % modifier for followers in the DMG, when adjudicating quality of the followers.

Arisel 6th level,
To hit: (Scimitar +2) +2d8 ; Shortbow +1d6     Hide in Sand 3

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