Volume 2 Issue 88 – Land of the Lost

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Sage Advice – 12:13.557
E-mail 1
Woodchuck is the thief in Record of Loduss War. Always loved that character, yet I thought he was never used as much as he could have.

Also, I’m running a 1E game and it is partial due to your podcast! Thank you very much!

Below is a small game story, so if you want to stop reading here, I understand.

And, before I starting running the game, we were in another 1E module. Temple of Elemental Evil. We finished it! With many character deaths along the way. I know some of you aren’t fans of the cavalier, yet I must say they are fun to play, though I lost the first cavalier to the white dragons in the air node, his protege conquered it.

DM Lon


hey guys

Ive been DMing for a little while now and I relized the other day that
i have never actually ran a module.I’m thinking about running salt
marsh to start off my next campaign.
I was wondering ifn you have any suggestions for this module or if you
know of any other low level simple to run modules,my group has already
played keep on the borderlands.

thak you and happy adventuring

DM benjamin

Email 3

Message body:

I’ve Been listening to your podcast for a little while (unfortunately I’m a little backlogged) and if I remember correctly you mentioned in your episode about giants that there wasn’t a Bestiary of Giants or something, I found one the product number is: tsr09211-Bestiary of Dragons & Giants

I just thought I would let you know this was around. Thanks for putting out your podcast, It provides a lot of enjoyment on the long drives.



Email 4

Message body:
Great show! Started gaming back in 87 or so with d&d red box and after a long break have come back to the hobby. I would love to hear you talk about how some of the monsters (really I’m thinking of orcs right now) have evolved over the years. For example, when I started playing orcs had pig heads and were weak willed lackeys of big baddies. In ad&d they seem to have gotten much bigger and more dangerous, they also no longer have pig heads. I myself prefer the warhammer fantasy roleplay orcs. Their take is much more strong willed, still extremely dumb and warlike, and has a lot of background material(probably because the orcs feature in their wargame). I’ve seen goblins get portrayed as more mechanical/builder type guys (privateer’s iron kingdoms) in other games or comedy sidekicks to the orcs (games workshop again). Do your orcs still have pig heads? Do your goblins have a flavor? Again excellent show keep up the good work!

Table Manners – Jungle Environment 36:06.211

Game Mechanics – Land of the Lost Adventures 48:20.290

Creature Feature Theater – Sleestaks 56:33.603

The Dragon’s Hoard – Magic in the Land of the Lost 1:05:54.000

10 Foot Pole / Outro 1:16:53.723


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