Volume 2 Issue 65 – Barbarians

Intro -0:00.000
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Table Manners – Barbarians 43:06.000
Unearthed Arcana pg 18

Game Mechanics – Saving Throws for Items – 58:52.000
Dungeon Master’s Guide – pg 80

Creature Feature Theater – Invisible Stalker 1:14:03.584
Monster Manual pg 55

The Dragon’s Hoard – Trident of Warning 1:23:46.778
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 155

Outro 1:31:28.819


2 thoughts on “Volume 2 Issue 65 – Barbarians

  1. Barbarians can detect if an item is magical.

    UA 19-21
    “Detect Magic: Barbarians have a 25% chance of detecting any sort of magic other than the illusion/phantasm variety. This again take one round of concentration, and applies to items or spells, but not to persons who are able to effect magic. For each level the barbarian gains beyond 1st level, the barbarian gains an additional 5% to his or her base chance of detection. However, this chance may not exceed 90% regardless of the barbarian’s level of experience. The type of magic is never revealed by this ability.”

  2. Hey guys!

    Interesting thing about Detect Evil, which you discuss on here in regards to paladins. The 1e Detect Evil allows you to detect evil alignments. But Detect Evil in B/X basic does not. It merely says you detect “evil intentions”. From now on in ALL my games I will be using the B/X spell by default. That way an evil PC can in fact adventure in a party with a paladin and the paladin need not find out as long as the evil PC has no immediate evil intentions. And that seems totally fair to me. Maybe the evil PC is just out for treasure and not interested in kicking puppies. Of course eventually his true colors will shine through and the paladin will probably have words…

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