Volume 2 Issue 64 – Assassins

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice- 9:36.000
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Table Manners – Assassins – 24:01.047
Player’s Handbook pg 29
“The Handy Art of Forgery” Dragon Magazine Issue 96 pg 28
“The Assassins’ Guild” Dragon Magazine Issue 64 pg 24
“The First Assassins” Dragon Magazine Issue 22 pg 5

Game Mechanics – Effects of Weather: Snow and Cold – 39:28.512
Wilderness Survival Guide pg 21

Creature Feature Theater – Vodyanoi – 57:12.521
Fiend Folio pg 93
Marine Vodyandoi – Dragon Magazine Issue 68 pg 40
Pronunciation Guide for Monsters – Dragon Magazine Issue 93 pg 24

The Dragon’s Hoard – Robe of Eyes – 1:06:18.477
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 152

10 Foot Poll / Outro 1:12:45.200


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  1. Dan Rasaiah

    Hey guys can you email me that White Dwarf assassin article that you spoke about during the show? I think you said it was issue #39.


    • Sorry due to copyright laws, we can not do that. Thanks for Listening.

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